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Zip Flying in Pokhara
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Trip Highlights

  • World's most incredible zip line.
  • Drop off at the speed of 120 KPH for 2 straight minutes.
  • Experience the steepest, tallest and longest zip line in the whole world.

Trip Facts

  • Starting Point :
  • Finishing Point :
  • Total Length :
    1800 meters
  • Vertical Drop :
    600 meters
  • Maximum Speed :
    120 KPH
  • Ride Time :
    2 minutes
  • Age Limit :
    Above 14
  • Weight Limit :
    35 KGs to 140 KGs

Trip Overview

Zip Line Flying has been attracting a lot of hype as an outdoor adventure sports activity across the globe. However, the technology used in Zip Line has actually been in existence for over three centuries and has been used to transport people and items across mountainous areas. This sports offers the thrill of rapidly moving downhill while suspended over a wire connecting two ends over different elevations. 

Zip Line Flying in Nepal Pokhara

Zip line flying as an adventurous sport is quite new to Nepal and has only been in operation since 2012. But the excitement, rush of adrenaline and thrill offered by zip flying is second to none, which undoubtedly makes it one of the top activities to do if you are an adventure seeker.

Pokhara has some of the longest, fastest and steepest zip lines in Nepal with some near vertical drop points reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour. If you count yourself as a genuine thrill seeker, you will probably not hesitate for even once to pay the price tag that comes along with this experience.

Where is the Zip line flying in Nepal Pokhara?

Located in Sarankot, you will have to take a 30 minutes ride from Pokhara to get to the zip line stands. These stands are located at the top of a hill where the only other sounds you will hear apart from the winds and the wildlife is the faint sound of the the passing zipline and the shouts of the thrill seekers. 

Zip line flying in Nepal Pokhara overview

Once you reach the location, you will have to make your way to the Butterfly Pavillion: an architectural marvel with mesmerizing views of the Himalayas. Next, you and your partner will be given a short briefing by the experienced instructors following which you will be taken to a special harness seat and await your launch. It is indeed a thrilling experience when the instructor starts counting down. Then before you know it, you will be heading downhill at speeds of up to 100 mph, while you pass above the dense forest below with cools winds hitting your face. If you dare you open your eyes while on the line, you will also be treated to a delightful view of Pokhara with the Fewa Lake on the backdrop.

Although, this adventure lasts for only a matter of minutes, at the end of it you will be left with an experience of a lifetime which just cannot be compared to anything else. During this thrilling adventure, you get to traverse over an amazing landscape, and get to experience the full force of the earth’s gravity pulling your body towards itself.  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01
Drive to launchpad, enjoy the zip-flyer ride & drive back to Lakeside

- Pick-up from Lakeside, Pokhara
- Drive to Zip-Flyer launchpad
- Enjoy the World's steepest Zip-Flyer ride
- Drop-off to Lakeside, Pokhara

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