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Mount Everest (Biggest Mountain Bodies): Height, Location, Trek, Map, Itinerary
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Mount Everest (Biggest Mountain Bodies): Height, Location, Trek, Map, Itinerary

Mount Everest

With the height of 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) above the sea level, Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Also known as “Sagarmatha” in Nepali and “Chomolungma” in Tibetan, Mt. Everest was first given an official English name in 1865 by Royal Geographical Society.

After climbing Mount Everest in 1953 for the first time by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, conquering this massif has been considered as an exceptional achievement in the mountaineering community throughout the world. Every year, hundreds of climbers travel to Nepal and Tibet to summit the highest mountain in the world.

Here are few things you need to know about Mt. Everest.

Where is Mount Everest?

Mount Everest is located in the Mahalangur Range at the border between Nepal and Tibet. It is the part of the highest mountain range, the Great Himalayas, which is stretched 2,500 km long through Nepal, India, Pakistan, China, and Tibet. The summit of the Everest lies exactly between Nepal and Tibet.

The south side of Mount Everest lies in Nepal and is located in Sagarmatha National Park in the Solukhumbu district while the north side lies in Tibet and is located in Tingri County in the Xigaze region. However, due to some major political restriction, Nepal side of Mt. Everest is more on the spotlight and easily accessible.

What is the height of Mount Everest?

Many geologists have shared their disagreements when it comes to the height of Mount Everest. The dispute has been going on for years about what and what not to include while calculating the mountain. Also, many geologists believe that the Everest have shrunk by 3 cm after the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal.


Mount Everest Arial View

Caption: Aerial view of Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

However, the height of Mount Everest is widely recognized as 8,848m (29,029 ft) above sea level. This survey has been officially accepted by both Nepal and Tibet. However, Nepal is planning to send a survey team to settle the dispute of the height of Everest.

Climbing Mount Everest

Mount Everest can be climbed from both Nepal (southeast ridge) and Tibet (north ridge) as the summit of Everest is located directly between the two countries. Nevertheless, the southeast ridge (Nepal) is considered much easier and accessible, both for mountaineering as well as political reasons. Despite climbing from the north ridge (Tibet) is relatively cheaper, rescues are way too complicated.

Therefore, most of the expedition are attempted from the southeast ridge, Nepal, starting at 5,364m at the Everest Base Camp.

Bodies in Mount Everest

Mount Everest may not be considered as one of the deadliest mountains in the world, however, when it comes to mountain’s notoriety, this mountain is definitely up there. Since the first successful summit in 1953, thousands have followed the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa braving the dangerous terrains to climb the Everest. While many have experienced the moment of glory, many never returned from the mountain. According to the reports, there are more than 200 bodies in the Everest. Some of the bodies are still up there as per their final wish while many of them were left unrecovered. The current fatality rate of Mount Everest is around 6% only.

The View of Mount Everest

Nepal is the home of the Himalayas. From trekking peaks to the world’s highest mountain, Nepal is the true Shangri La to the mountain lovers around the world. Every year, hundreds of people travel to this tiny country to admire the beauty of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest.

Mount Everest

Caption: Sunrise at the summit of the world’s highest mountain

By far, the quickest and easiest way to see Everest is to take a mountain flight from Kathmandu. An hour-long flight will take you face to face with some of the highest peaks in the world including Mt. Everest. If you’re planning to stay a couple more days, one of the best options would be to stay overnight at Dhulikhel or Nagarkot. You’ll get to enjoy the sunrise or sunset with a glimpse of Everest and other towering mountains from these hill stations. However, you have to be very lucky when it comes to the weather.

Another option to see Mount Everest would be to trek to Everest Base Camp. In general, the glimpse of the highest mountain in the world can be first seen from Namche Bazaar behind Lhotse-Nuptse ridge. However, the best possible place to enjoy the Everest view would be at Kalapathar (a vantage point at 5,643m on the way to Everest Base Camp). It takes about an hour long hike from Gorak Shep to reach the viewpoint at Kalapathar. You’ll get to enjoy the panoramic view of high mountains including Mount Everest (8,848m), Ama Dablam (6,856m), Nuptse (7,863m), and Kangtega (6,635m)

Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp trek is probably the most popular trekking destination in Nepal. Thousands of backpackers and trekkers visit Everest Base Camp every year to experience the Himalayan adventure. Although no technical equipment or mountaineering experience is necessary for this particular trek, you’ll definitely need to acclimatize with the elevation.

Everest Base Camp

Caption: On the way to Everest Base Camp

The journey to Everest Base Camp starts with one of the most adventurous flights to Tenzing Hillary Airport at Lukla. The trail then passes through diverse landscape along several Sherpa settlements. Everest Base Camp is located beneath the Khumbu Icefall at the elevation of 5,364m. Therefore, the chances of suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness is relatively higher. Trekkers have to be careful and try their best to acclimatize with the altitude.

Here’s an online map to guide you on your next adventure to Everest Base Camp.

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