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Everything You need to know about Food while Traveling to Nepal
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Everything You need to know about Food while Traveling to Nepal

Know about Nepali Food

Nepal is a country full of diversity from geography to the people living here. There are hundreds of people from different ethnic groups who have their own culture, tradition, and food. Therefore, every Nepalese food reflects their own unique taste.

Every part of Nepal will present you with the different variety of food from spicy to the plain boiled. All the foods have a certain level of nutritional value in it and also considered as the healthiest food.

If you are traveling to the main cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, you will also find several restaurants serving foreign cuisines like Korean, Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, Continental, Indian, and many more. So in case, if you are someone with the peculiar taste buds and couldn’t eat all kind of food than there is always hundred of options available for you in Nepal.

Besides this, if you are traveling to an isolated region of Nepal then you will only get to eat selected food items that can be easily found in that place. You can get food like dal-bhat tarkari, momo (veg/non-veg), curries (egg/chicken/veg), dhindo, bread, butter tea, extra.

However, there are also regions that are not even inhabited so, if you are traveling to such extremely secluded regions than you have to carry your food. You can hire porters who will carry your belongings and food with them and also serve you as your cook.

Drinking water is easily available in every part of Nepal however you should carry a bottle or two while trekking. However, you are requested to a carry a reusable water bottle with yourself and SteriPen. SteriPen is a handheld UV water purifier. Remember, in Nepal, every bottled water is not mineral water and uses the same technology as SteriPEN. You can buy this easily at Amazon, outdoor shops, or online retailers.
Below is the list of few Nepalese foods that you have to taste once if you are traveling to Nepal:


Samay Baji:


Samay Baji is the famous Newari traditional dish specially cooked during the festivals or on a particular occasion. It has a unique taste and made with lots of spices. It includes various ingredients like black soya bean,  beaten rice, boiled beans, and smoked meat. Samay Baji is served along with side dishes like a boiled egg, fried pancakes, green vegetable, bamboo shoot, and potato mixed curry, ginger, pickle with homemade whiskey, Aila. Because of so many ingredients in one dish, it is also regarded as the most diversified food in the world.




MOMO is one of the most loved food in Nepal. Nepalese loves to eat MOMO. You can eat it anytime as a snack or a full meal. MOMO’s are basically the wraps of meats or veggies made by steaming. The meat used in it generally are buff, pork, or chicken and vegetable MOMO include onion, cabbage, extra. MoMo is also served as fried, steam/fried with spicy sauce, or steam/fried in the with curry.


Dal-Bhat Tarkari:


Dal-Bhat Tarkari is the staple meal for Nepali people. It is regarded as the main meal in the Nepalese cuisine and eaten at least once a day. Dal-Bhat is served with the combination of Bhat (steamed rice), dal (pulse soup), Tarkari (veg curry), Achar (Pickle), Non-veg Curry (Chicken/goat/pork/buff/fish). This is the full balanced diet with lots of nutrients in it. You will find the same dish in several different tastes all over Nepal.




Yomari is another Nepalese food, specially belong to Newari community, made on a birthday occasion and Yomari Punhi festival. It is made in fig shape with rice flour filled with chaku( a sweet made with sugar), sesame seed, and khuwa (condensed milk). Yomari tastes best when it is served hot. It is also eaten as a desert.




Chatamari is also known as a Newari Pizza locally. It is another most popular dish in Nepal made with rice, flour, meat/egg, and veggies. Chatamari is cooked on special occasions but, you can find it in any Newari restaurant. It is also considered healthy and good food to eat.


Aloo Tama:


Aloo Tama is a curry dish made with Aloo (potato), Tama (bamboo shoots), and Beans. It is also served with buff meat and black-eyed beans. You can only find this dish in Nepal so, you have to try this before leaving the country. It is also the part of Newari dish.



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