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5 Things to do in Nepal for More Relaxing Trip
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5 Things to do in Nepal for More Relaxing Trip

Things to do in Nepal for More Relaxing Trip

Nepal is a famous destination among the adventure seekers. This land has got enough to offer everyone. Either you want to do trekking, climbing high massifs, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, sky diving or, want to spend time watching enchanting sceneries, explore dense forests, wildlife, history, monuments, Nepal has got everything.

However, there is one more side to this country that is perfect for those who prefer to relax and indulge themselves more in moments.

Here are five of our favorite activities:


Hop on a mountain flight


You don’t need to go on a trek to witness the mighty Himalayas mountain flight will offer you a chance to have close views of high snow-capped mountains.

Fortunately, the daily mountain flights from Kathmandu make it possible for visitors to enjoy the tallest peaks in the world from the comfort of an airplane seat.


Go into the wilds


Diverse geography and climate of Nepal have made abundant forests and wild species. From the arctic mountain ranges in the north to the dense tropical jungles in the southern lowlands, has led to a rich wildlife population.

You will find several national parks and conservation areas throughout Nepal to protect and preserve the endangered species of animals & plants that are only found in Nepal. As the matter of fact, these places have also become the big source of tourism in Nepal.

You can have close look at a one-horned rhino from the back of an elephant, adventurous walking safari or simply spend the day relaxing in a hammock at one of the jungle lodges.


Meditation & Yoga


Take a spiritual journey to some of the most significant Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the country. Join the crowds of worshippers circumambulating the Boudhanath Stupa in the Tibetan quarters of Kathmandu or, spend a weekend 40 km southeast of the capital exploring the holy temples and shrines in Namo Buddha. Furthermore, you can also travel farther to Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha.

You can also find different meditation and yoga classes and be the part of that.




Since before the dawn of time, the Himalayas have been known to be a source of mystical energy helping to lead devotees to enlightenment. With natural beauty and spiritual environment in abundance, it’s no wonder that one can spend some quality time with themselves.


Make momo


Momo, one of the most staple food of Nepalese that can be eaten either as a snack or meal. Moreover, you can find several varieties of momo at every corner of the country. And, what is better than learning to make this popular dish.

With classes ranging in duration from one day to a week, you’ll soon graduate from momo class. Similarly, you can also learn to cook other dishes.


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