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Bungee Jumping and Swing in Nepal


Bungee Jumping in Nepal is one of the most commercial adventure sports to experience the adrenaline rush through the free fall. Nepal has long been considered as the hub for adrenaline junkies who look to fulfill their thrilling adventure to the Himalayas and heart-pounding adventure sports. Bungee jumping in Nepal was first introduced in Bhote Koshi gorge by a leading bungee consultant from New Zealand. In this adventure sports, the adventure junkie jumps off a high ground with both the feet attached to a rubber cord as well as the jump site. It begins with a period of headfirst free fall before bouncing partway back due to the cord’s rebound from its maximum stretch.

Bungee Jumping and Swing in Nepal

Bungee has recently gained a lot of popularity in Nepal. Both domestic and international tourists are inclined to experiencing the adrenaline rush through this adventure sports. Operated by trained professional and international standard equipment, bungee jumping in Nepal has been made as safe as possible.

Currently, bungee jumping is available in two locations in Nepal. One at Bhote Koshi, west of Kathmandu which is the longest free-fall in the world, the other being at Pokhara, the first and only tower bungee in Nepal.

Despite Bungee jumping has been the hallmark when it comes to adventure sports in Nepal, Canyon swing is most definitely the real test of endurance as it offers twice the free fall. For swing, you’ll be fitted with a chest harness which is attached in a twin rope system. The cables are attached to the pivot point of the system like a pendulum which swings for about 12 seconds. Bhote Koshi is the only place at the moment offering the ultimate adventure of swing and is considered as the largest giant swing in the world.

” Jump from a bridge into the raging Himalayan river, experiencing free fall and the rush of adrenaline. “


Where to find Bungee Jump and Swing in Nepal?



“Walk like a Penguin, Jump like a bird”

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Bungee Jumping and Swing in Bhote Koshi

Bungee Jumping and Swing in Bhote Koshi

Nepal has long been the ideal destination for the adrenaline junkies who wish to experience…

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