Rebuild Nepal Campaign

As an Adventure Events Company, we think we can help our country best by what we do best - organise Adventure Sports Events. We have initiated fundraising programmes under the banners of Run to Rebuild Nepal & Ride to Rebuild Nepal


Run to Rebuild Nepal Campaign focuses on raising funds and helping to Khumbu.


Ride to Rebuild Nepal Campaign focuses on raising funds to help damaged Government Schools around Kathmandu Valley.


This is a purely a non - profit initiative cheap ralph lauren clothes without any taken by our organisation. Funds will be channeled by us. All funding will be transparent and will be channelled directly to rebuilding.


The premise of this is that the recent flood of relief into Nepal have mostly been in the form of aid materials (tents, blanket, food, medicine etc) but Nepal will be facing an uphill battle for the next few years to rebuild hospitals, schools, infrastructure, sanitation in both cities ad remote areas. ‘Run to Rebuild Nepal’ is focused on rebuilding efforts.


Why Rebuild?

The recent flood of relief into Nepal have mostly been in the form of childrens ralph lauren polo shirts aid materials (tents, blankets, food, medicine etc) which although valuable, does not address the long term problems. Nepal will be facing an uphill battle for the next few years to rebuild hospitals, schools, infrastructure, sanitation in both cities and remote areas. 'Run to Rebuild Nepal' will focus on rebuilding efforts.



  1. Non - financial commitment voluntary participation 
  2. Awareness for the fundraiser


Run to Rebuild


The 7.9 magnitude of earthquake that hit in Nepal on 25th April, 2015 has caused much damage to human spirit and property.  Everest was especially hit really hard as many climbers lost their lives in attempt to climb Everest, and there is much property damage in Khumbu itself. 


Two parties were especially affected:


  1. Family of deceased local supporting climbers 
  2. Residents of Khumbu who have sustained heavy property damage


Our Objective is to raise money through this edition of Everest Marathon for: 


  1. the family of those who departed on the Avalanche cause by Earthquake
  2. the community of Khumbu to rebuild destroyed houses, school and medical facilities


Let’s see what we can do and give our best to rebuild this community. As there are already some runners who are specifically coming for this cause, our first October edition of this event will be themed as – ‘Run to Rebuild.’


What will the Funds be Spent on?

"We will be spending most of the funds on Rebuilding efforts at Khumbu - as we know on April 25, 2015, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, on 12th May 2015 an earthquake of 7.4 magnitude hit Everest Region itself causing widespread damage of womens ralph lauren dresses property and the human spirit across this beautiful country.


The Khumbu / Mount Everest region is especially hard as the earthquake triggered avalanches injuring and killing climbers at the base camp of the world's highest peak, also causing massive property damage.


We know the area and people well, and it will be easier for us focus here and get real things done in real time.


Everyone in Khumbu is were living in tents, but recently they have started shifting to Kathmandu for safety. The community is in need of help and we will be receiving some pictures and videos soon.


75% Our fundraiser will focus on rebuilding damages hospitals, schools and the damaged Monastery, 25% will be donated to the family of 10 Nepali support climbers who lost their lives during the disaster. "


Fundraising page



Ride to Rebuild



Our idea is simple. What we do is run a Mountain Bike event where we go and research remote areas near Kathmandu and bring back pictures, videos and detailed reports. As we believe, that health and education are the primary necessity and importance for a person's long term development, our fund raiser will be focused on rebuilding local schools and medical posts.

As this is a long term goal, we commit to a 2 year project or longer.


  1. Raise funds for damaged schools and health posts that are destroyed by recent earthquake.

  2. Weekly ride, for 2 years.

  3. Concrete first hand report.

  4. Increase number of riders as the project continues so that we can have more teams to visit and collect reports from more areas.

  5. Prime Focus on Sanitation and Water supply as it's a basic need on affected areas.

Targeted Area

  1. Most of the victimized areas after earthquake 2015.

  2. Focus on the above listed most effected districts (top ten places).


  1. Define Products & Project Design by covering mostly affected areas or main focus areas i.e. Gorkha, Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk , Kathmandu Valley etc.

  2. Resource Evaluation, Survey & Field Visit of targeted areas.

  3. Preparation of report & finalization of the actual support to be provided.

  4. Set targets through reports and conjure work plan along with events.

  5. Finalize the area coverage & the circumstances of projects.

  6. Transparent events with the allocation of local communities, NGO's - anyone willing is welcome (self supported).

Criteria of all Projects

  1. Project duration will go up-to 2 years (minimum).

  2. Programs will be in pre-schedule basis, Partial basis & Series basis on victimized areas.

  3. Program might get slight changes as requested by sponsoring teams & agents but the basic target & mission will always be under "Rebuild Nepal" Champaign.

Proposed Fund

Funds will be raised online, targeting all interested to donate, especially to look for an NGO partner to take over the fund.


Let's join hands to rebuild Nepal by participating in different events with a purpose to help and support the villages around Kathmandu & some nearby places which are badly affected and try and do our best. 

Some of the events will actually need us to observe the damage on nearby places. We should take this trip as a journey and make sure that the rebuilding of schools, villages with proper sanitation, hygiene and helping to keep the area eco-friendly leading to a clean environment are some of our utmost priorities.