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Canyoning in Nepal

Canyoning is an extreme adventure activity that has been earning quite a lot of popularity in the recent years. This adventure activity involves overcoming obstacles in canyons trying to reach a certain point; using a variety of techniques that may involve walking, scrambling, jumping rappelling and swimming. The term canyoning is associated with technical descents requiring rappels, rope work and technical ways to climb, jump or swim.

It has been thought of as an amazing full body and mind experience that enables you to explore some of the hidden and forbidden places in the outskirts of the city. Therefore, it is a must do! Especially for the water adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies from all over the world.

Why go Canyoning in Nepal?

Canyoning not only requires a fit body but it also demands a strong mental capability. This type of adventure sports is challenging and helps build up once mental and physical status. Apart from fitness sake, Canyoning is extremely fun! The journey along the hidden passages of contoured rocks and raging blasts of water is a perfect getaway activity for the water adventure lovers. 

With Canyoning, here in Nepal, one can also discover undiscovered locations which are the ultimate adventure in itself. 

Where to go Canyoning in Nepal?

There are plenty of places where one can experience the ultimate adventure of Canyoning in Nepal. Some of the most popular places for this water adventure are:

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